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Underground Enclosure Technical Performance Specifications 

PenCell products are designed and tested for compliance with Western Underground Committee Guide 3.6, Telcordia GR-902 and GR-13, and ANSI/SCTE 77-2007 which is referenced in the National Electric Code (N.E.C.) section 314.30 as the requirement for enclosure integrity.

 All PenCell products have met the acceptance of the (USDA) United States Dept of Agriculture, (R.U.S.) Rural Utility Service and are listed with this organization. 

Many D.O.T agencies have PenCell enclosures on their (APL) accepted products list. 

To meet the acceptance criteria of these agencies, underground enclosures must successfully pass numerous material and product performance tests.

 Some of these requirements include:

 ●Three position load testing for structural integrity verification.

   (Vertical, Vertical Sidewall and Lateral Sidewall loading).

●UV Degradation per ASTM G-53

●Fire Resistance per RUS7CFR 1755.910 and WUC 3.6 Section 5.2.7

●Chemical Resistance per ASTM D-543

●Water Absorption per ASTM D-570

●Impact Resistance per ASTM D-2444

●Accelerated Service per ASTM D-756

●Weathering per ASTM D-822

●Static Coefficient of Friction (Cover Slip Test) per ASTM C1028-96


Material Information: 

High Density Polyethylene (H.D.P.E.) is used in both Structural Foam injection molded and Rotation molded products. Lids made from this material are rated up to 5K. Steel lids are available on some products and are rated up to 10k. Polymer Concrete is used for lids that are rated to 10k and 20k loads.

Testing on PenCell products is conducted by third party independent testing labs; Under observation of a private third party licensed P.E. (Professional Engineer) and at Pencell’s Certified Testing Lab by qualified Engineering and Quality Assurance personnel, All test results are documented in accordance with  our ISO 9001-2008 Quality Management System standards.

 PenCell Products are not intended for use in a direct roadway application.

Products should be selected based on the application criteria of each project. If particular TIER or Load ratings are called out for your project, we will be happy to discuss your projects needs. This can help determine which product best fits your application requirements.