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Installation in Concrete and Pavement Print E-mail

Installation in Concrete and Pavement (PenCell units with steel or polymer concrete lids)* 1. Follow steps 1 and 2 in the "Installation in Grass, Dirt or Gravel" section, except install with cover in place with shims on all sides and ends to prevent deflection. 2. Place selected backfill into the excavation at 1’ lifts and compact either by manual compaction or by flooding the excavation. The backfill should be discontinued approximately 8” below the finished grade. The final 8” of the excavation should be finished with concrete. This should be accomplished by providing a form around the enclosure that would produce a 6” wide collar (see attached sketch). Small shims should be placed between cover and wall until concrete is set. Note: Boxes larger than 2’x2’ should be installed the same as above, except should be allowed 8-10” of room in length, depth, and width of excavation. *Plastic lids are not recommended in sidewalk applications.