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Do we manufacture our own products?
Yes, we have three in-house processes – injection molding, roto molding, and polymer concrete.

Are the units shipped broken down or assembled?
We use a modular system but all products are shipped assembled.

Can we mount peds on our flush mounted PEM boxes?
This is a common idea often seen in the communications industry. We can mount peds or cabinets.

Can we get a sample to test?
We are more than happy to provide samples.

How does material hold up to sunlight?
Material has U.V. added into products. We have had products exposed to outside environments for over 30 years.

Can we put connectors in peds?
We supply various manufactured connectors pre installed.

Can we drive over your product?
We supply boxes that will handle up to 20,000#. We do not sell boxes for roadway applications.

Do we have test data on products?
Over the many years we have numerous tests on record.

Do we sell direct or through distributors?
You can buy direct or through a local stocking distributor.Please contact us for more details.

Lead times?
A large inventory is maintained at all times, and orders of virtually any size are routinely shipped within a week.

Are all our covers interchangeable with all other manufacturers’ like size products?
Standardization is something that always opens issues wherever it is discussed. PenCell products are designed and manufactured as complete assemblies just as every other manufacturer in the industry does. While the industry standard sizes are something that is closely followed, it is an approximate. The exact sizes of each manufacturers box varies. This creates a problem for proper fits. Assembled units are checked by Quality Assurance Departments to make sure things like improper assembly or excessive shrinkage on parts has not caused any misalignment or excessive clearances in the final product. This cannot be controlled if different manufacturers are providing the various components that make up the assembly unless the industry standard tolerances are tightened excessively on each component part. This will only increase cost without providing a better product.

This requirement is also something that will surely find its way into the courtroom. No manufacturer wants to take on the liability issues associated with a product that does not contain only their supplied components. Pencell controls its quality through a certified ISO 9001 Quality management System. We can not control parts that other manufacturers produce and therefore do not want our parts interchangeable with parts from other manufacturers.